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Balwadis (rural preschools) are full-day child-care centers that provide young children (1-5 years old) with a safe and secure environment and a joyful learning experience. To combat the high level of malnourishment (62.8% underweight and 75% anemic children) nutritious supplemental meals are provided 2 times each day.

Balwadis reduce the burden on care-givers (usually mothers and older female siblings), enabling them to work or attend school.

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“The children are very happy to see the fan and bulb. Many of these children had never seen these, so they are very excited. Earlier, when children used to sleep, they were disturbed by flies and mosquitoes, but now they are able to sleep peacefully.”

The Sanchalika (teacher) of Sagwara Village

“A big relief for me because in summers we used to get water from the hand pump and bathe children, so that they could sleep. With fan in the Balwadi, children will be able to sleep with ease.”

Durga, Sanchalikas, Damaphala
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