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Solar Fans in Balwadis

224 Balwadi’s (child-care centers) service over 5000 children – they provide them a safe place to stay while their parents go to work. But most importantly, they provide education, supplementary nutrition and foster a sense of confidence and hope. The centers are often run in homes that are rented or donated by the community. Most villages do not have electricity and the small homes may not be well-lit. In an effort to make these centers more comfortable, (temperatures in the summer reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit) Seva Mandir helped install solar lighting system that supports a bulb and a fan during Balwadi hours (7 hours) in two villages as an experiment. The response from children is encouraging and we are seeking support to extend the solar fan installations to 50 more Balwadis.

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“The children are very happy to see the fan and bulb. Many of these children had never seen these, so they are very excited. Earlier, when children used to sleep, they were disturbed by flies and mosquitoes, but now they are able to sleep peacefully.”

The Sanchalika (teacher) of Sagwara Village

“A big relief for me because in summers we used to get water from the hand pump and bathe children, so that they could sleep. With fan in the Balwadi, children will be able to sleep with ease.”

Durga, Sanchalikas, Damaphala
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